Monday, 18 June 2012

Wrong Mobile Number

If you are checking my blog out from the details on the post cards that are being handed out at the end of year show. Please be aware that the mobile number on the back is wrong and if you still want to contact me the number on the back says 077573..... please change it to 075573..... or contact me by email which is also on the back of the post card.

Many thanks.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Final Show opening night

Well tonight's the night we've all been waiting for. The open night for our final end of year show and I'm suiting up for this night. Everyone is going to be there family and friends alike its going to be a exciting event. the show will run through Saturday to Wednesday 11am - 3pm, come on down and have a look.  !..!,     

Monday, 4 June 2012


The aim at the end of this game is to get your stuff out there for people to see and one way of doing that is an online portfolio website where you upload up to four of your projects. Although I've only really got two projects on there, getting my pictures out there is the main aim of this website. Plus it even has a link to this blog as well so there are many ways of finding out about me and my work.

link below to my arts thread page.

Images for my portfolio

In the past week I've been working on my portfolio and what images will be going in and these are just some of the images that are going in so far.

A Long Catch up...

First off I apologize for not updating the blog for a couple of weeks as I have laptop problems I’ve been unable to write any posts, but there is a lot to catch up on. In the last post I had just finished constructing my wall mount minus the heat shrink on the hooks. Knowing that I had a week and half left I took the opportunity to make another wall mount. I find that once I made the first of a design creating a second is a lot quicker and easier as the first one is all about getting my head around how to make it. The second wall mount only took a day and half to make this time cutting four days off the first one.

On this second wall mount I used a mix of 12 and 16mm bars to add some more visual weight and see how it would affect the overall design. There are differences on both mounts that I like and would combine together, I find it’s always a good thing when you discover something new to change and improve on in the design. Out of the two I feel the first one works better visually because it’s all even in the same stock of 12mm bar. But the idea of having the two types for me work as if an electric guitar was hung on the smaller one and a bass guitar with its thicker strings hung on the bigger one. For a metal finish a cut brushed both pieces as the finish I put on the microphone stand wouldn't work as on these smaller bars as well being very time consuming too.

After asking around as to where to get heat shrinking rubber in Hereford I found a place not far from the H.E. centre called Hereford auto electric’s where they sell heat shrink rubber by the meter for £1.50 “ BARGAIN!!!” so I bought a £5.00 worth even though I only really needed 500mm of the stuff I have extra for when I make more wall mounts and guitar stands. Instead of using a hair dryer to apply the heat shrink to the hooks I decided to try out a heat gun, not knowing how quickly the rubber would shrink or how smooth it would connect to the metal a tried it out on one of my samples which shrunk perfectly to the hook. So I applied the rubber to the rest of the hooks with ease, so think I will be investing in a heat gun for the future.

With both mounts finished I bought some MDF boards drilled and painted, attached the mounts to see them as they should be. So that I could get some pictures of guitars in the hooks I bought in “SIX” different guitars in to college to cover all types of guitar on the hooks.