Friday, 27 July 2012

So Pleased!!!

On the Monday I once again made the trip up to Leominster to pick up the microphone stand "the beast". I was told that the open day show went really well and they had a really good turn out of people. Tonight I received an email from Bengry Motors with three great images of the mic-stand with the jazz band who entertained everyone on the open day, I thought that everyone should see these photos. You can really see the fun side to the mic-stand embraced in these photos. !..!, 


Sunday, 22 July 2012

Graduation Day

Yes it was finally Graduation day, and a day to feel very proud of where I take the last step from being a student to becoming a graduate. Seeing all my friends again and being together with them celebrating all we've done over the past three years. I even got a hair cut in time for it too which shocked everyone haha.      

Stood outside Hereford cathedral with a very  proud mum.

I just want to say thank you to all my tutors for all your help and everything I've learnt, oh yes and for putting up with me for three years. and thank you to all my friends for standing by me through the good times and all the bad times, keeping me strong and picking me up when I couldn't stand, I thank you all!!!

After it was all said and done the hardest part is saying good bye to all my friends as you don't know when your going to see them next but I know I will see them all again as the bonds of friendship that strong not even time can take that away. !..!, 

Bengry's Motors show.

Last week I revived an email asking if I'd exhibit one of pieces in an open day at Bengry Motors show room in Leominster. After a phone call it was agreed that my microphone stand would be prefect and be put in to the show and would also be along side other pieces including Lee Pickard's candlestick holders from my course. So on Wednesday I travelled up to Leominster to deliver the mic-stand, portfolio and business cards, once there I learned that they were having a three piece jazz band there too and asked if the mic-stand could be put next to them to add to the musical feel of the piece which they agreed. I hope the Mic-stand stood out well among all the Ford's and Mazda's in the show and gained some interest, so we'll see in time.

I'm to pick up the mic-stand Monday morning, I also asked if they'd take some pictures of the mic-stand next to the jazz band for me which should be intetresting. This microphone stand has travelled to many places since its creation doing its own tour of Britain, who knows where  it'll end up next. !..!,         

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Back in Bristol. Now on to the next project

As I graduate this Thursday I've been thinking about what's next for me. I'm now looking for a place to set up a proper workshop now here in Bristol, while I've been doing this I've also been working on my next products I will be making. At the final show and New Designers I spoke to a lot of people and listened to some of their comments and a lot of them spoke about creating a smaller range of guitar hooks that could be made quicker with a lower cost to put in my portfolio, showing a greater range of products. Therefore I have been designing new guitar hooks and am at the stage of making some small scale marquettes and hoping soon to have some full scale drawing of them very soon. 
I'll keep everyone posted on any progress as it comes. !..!,

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

From new designers to a new future

Its been a full couple of weeks for me and everyone else in the crafts cluster group first we had our final end of year show and then straight afterwards packing up everything into a van and sending it off to New Designers in London which is a huge event in the art and design world where colleges and university's from around the UK come to exhibit there work and people from all over the creative industry's come to view, buy, commission and support up and coming designers.

I spent a week in London talking to a lot of people about my work, repeating myself countless times but I love talking about my work and to the people that understand it makes me very happy. New Designers is huge and when I first walked around it, it was like a maze, there were a lot of impressive stuff but Hereford's stand stood out as being the most diverse...

It was a joy to see everyone's work stand out so well in such a small space, it was a stand you couldn't miss it and in the end we all took something away from New Designers whether it be a commission, interest, or just experience. I got alot of interest in my work, loving the ideas and seeing it as something new and fresh that could take the music scene by storm.

This was my area, I was only limited to one guitar hook but I feel it worked out really well and without the guitar and microphone nobody would have understood either of these products and with them they stood out and drew in all the eyes. I took alot away from New Designers, experience of talking to people about my work but also I have more ideas of where to take my work to the next level and I'm more determined than ever to get back in the forge and start making again... I'll keep everyone posted on my progress. !..!,