Saturday, 29 November 2014

More work.... More updates

Hey all. Well I Said no promises for another quick post but at least I'm getting round to it in the end.
With Christmas round the corner I started to think about what I could make to sell at the market and these are what I came up with. These Small Christmas decorations good fab and can make a great little gift too and at only £4 each they're not expensive at all!!! 

I'm always designing new railing, gates and other products so that I have a wide range of images for my customers to look at, I've been thinking of making some small railings to be able to take with me to the market to show off my forging skills on products bigger that brackets, etc.

This was a drawing I did for customer which could be a perfect example to take to the market. I may have a few more ideas but I think this is the best one so far. It wouldn't get done until next year as I'm quite busy at the moment with other jobs but you'll all know in time what I decide to do. 

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Got work, done work and more work ahead.

Yeah yeah I know what you're going to say "Jon you haven't updated your blog in ages" and then I say "I know I'll try and fit it in" and here we are months later and lots to talk about. I've been very busy and have had about 8 jobs on the go this past month or so. I'll try and fill you all in with everything put this could take a few posts....

So..... Yeah..... Lots of jobs including my biggest on yet!! Balcony roof railings, 17 meters of them and filled up workshop very quickly as you can see. The longest section was seven meters long but went together perfectly and the installation went with out any major glitches. It's not fully complete as I've still got two more decorative elements to attach to and then paint it all went the weather settles down.    

I also had a few smaller jobs on the go while making the railing like a curtain rails and a wall sculpture. Both were great fun the make and great to add to my ever growing portfolio. Hopefully this will open more doors to more work.

My latest job I'm working is a gate and stair rail. Today I've just finished the main bulk of the gate and will completing the rest of it over the weekend. It may not be a tall gate but it's probably my favorite gate I've made so far. I'll be beginning on the stair rail very soon and will be posting updates as I go along.  

There still lots to tell but this will do for now. I'll try and post another one soon but no promises. fingers crossed I get round to it by the end of the weekend.
Thanks for reading.