Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Poppies, poppies, poppies and just a few more poppies.

As a lot of you who read my blog will have known that I have been raising money for the poppy appeal by forging steel poppies and hand painting them. For every poppies sold £5 went to the poppy appeal. I was surprised that they took off better than I hoped and was still getting orders for poppies days after remembrance day. But after finishing off the last poppies to be picked up we finnaly have a total.

The total money raised for the poppy appeal is....... £125!!!

I very happy with this, I was aiming for £100 and we beat it so, very very happy indeed. I will be making more poppies for remembrance day next year and use this year total as a target to beat for next year year.

I'd like to thank both my awesome mum and my lovely girlfriend for helping with the advertising and selling of the poppies down at the Cabot circus poppy day while I was in the workshop making more. Also a big thank to Andrew Thomas for giving me the idea to make the poppies. A thank to Margret Neagle for giving me more ideas on how to raise more money for next year. I'd also like to thank the Bristol post for such a lovely article on the steel poppies and for putting me on the front cover of the Weston Daily Press!!! It really helped to get the message out there. Also a thank you the British Legion for all their support and last but not least a huge thanks to everyone who bought a poppy we wouldn't have done it with out you!!


Saturday, 9 November 2013

I made the papers!!!!!!

Yes for those of you that didn't know I made it in two newspapers on Thursday the 7th of this month.  Not only did I get a big article in the Bristol's evening post I was on the front cover of the Weston daily press!!!!

I've been raising money for the poppy appeal by forging and selling poppies, when the Bristol post found out about this they phoned me up for an interview and came to my workshop to take photos on the same day!! I was very happy to hear it would make it in to the papers but I never thought it would make the front cover. My aim is to raise £100 with every poppy sold £5 goes to the poppy appeal and so far I've raised £85, So not that far to go now. If anyone is still interested in purchasing one of my poppies Please contact me for details.

This has given my business a big boost in the right direction as I've had a lot of phone calls about inquires, so fingers crossed this is the kick my business has needed.    


Sunday, 3 November 2013

More flowers

And again I've been making more flowers but this time not roses! I've added two new sets of flowers to my portfolio of work, tulips and poppies. I had a few people asking me about Tulips before and decided on one of quiet days I'd give one a go. This first one I made became a gift to my mum.

 The next flower I started making is poppies, As Remembrance day is coming up an idea came forward to make poppies that I could sell and give a percentage of the money raised to the poppy appeal. I hope to raise as much money as possible and within less than 24 hours of announcing the idea I already had three orders. I will be putting the poppies on my esty.com account too so anyone can order one or you can message me on my Facebook page to order one as well.