Thursday, 28 February 2013

Forge fixed... Again

A couple of days after I put the forge together I had a very bad day where the connection between the hood and vent broke to which my workshop was smoked out. I then spent a week away in Mid Wales making a commissioned ring holder and when I came back I started back trying to fix the forge. It's taken nearly a week but I finally got it all fixed, this also gave me the chance to move a few things around and rearrange the workshop. As I'm going to have two work benches to come in later on, so I needed to make space for them.

As you can see now the forge is now on the side of the workshop giving me more space at the back where I will be having a small metal work bench and racks of tools. I'm very happy with the new layout and have a plan of what the workshop will look like as whole.

I decided to light the forge properly for the first time. The forge lights up very well and doesn't smoke out my workshop (so perfect) in that sense. It all looks like more of a workshop with all my tool out and ready to use. One step closer....


Saturday, 23 February 2013

Ring for the ring holder.

Today I took the ring holder in to a jewellery store to ask I very weird question of could I use one of their rings on the ring holder and take some photos for my portfolio, which they very kindly said yes and these are some of the images I took. I will be photoshopping them later but I quite pleased with how these ones came out, the ring stands out very well.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

The finished ring holder.

Yesterday at the Nick's workshop I applied the finish to the ring holder, I used a iron paste polish to blacken the metal and once it was dry I applied a industrial lacquer to protect it. The reason I chose to blacken the metal is because the ring that is sitting on the tail is a mixed titanium with a gold band and I feel that the ring wouldn't stand out on just cut brushing and lacquering. I'm happy with the final result and think it really looks the part and when I get back to Bristol I will be trying to find a ring to get some photos of it being used before I send it to it's home in the USA.  

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Ring holder complete!

Today has been a  long day as today is the day I travelled to mid Wales to forge the ring holder I'd designed for a commission I was given from a customer in the USA so I'm going international now!!!
I had a 6:30 start to catch a 8:00 train to Hereford where I intended to visit my old college and see a few people. After having fun catching up with some friends Nick picked me up and I was on my way to Wales, Nick then informed me that we would be heading straight to the workshop to get stuck in and wanted me to get the ring holder finished by the end of the day. I gave myself eight hours to make it and got straight in to it. Well I complete making it in seven hours which I'm very happy about. Nick's workshop is very well equipped and that is what made all the difference with the speed of making it. And yes I it looks like a little scorpion about to run around. I'll be applying the finish to it tomorrow morning which will be another early start.

Showing detail of the rivets 


Thursday, 14 February 2013

Forge ready for work.

After the good the news that the workshop had electricity now I could really get the cogs turning. Today was an early start down the workshop and I knew that it was going to be a long day but I had a friend coming down to lend me a hand building the rest of the forge. The first job was to build a case to sit on top the forge which would connect the hood to the air pipe. I welded lots of pieces together to shape around the top, It way not look like much but it works. With the help of my friend we drilled a back plate to the forge and got the fan connected so now it fully works and ready to start work.

Now that the forge is working the cogs are turning much quicker and I hope I can start making very soon. Next week I'll be travelling up to Mid Wales to my friend Nick's workshop once again this time to make a commissioned ring holder. I'll be putting up the drawing of the design soon and I'll be taking lots of pictures over the week of the journey too !..!,  

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

We have power!!!!

At last after months of constant phone calls and running around, yesterday I got the call to say that the workshop finally has electricity. This is the biggest step forward I could have hoped for and today I intend to get down straight after my meeting with the Princes Trust and get working no getting that forge fully up and running!!
This picture is the new lights I had installed in the full glory lighting up the workshop for the first time  .

Monday, 4 February 2013

Rewriting my business plan

The princes trust have been very helpful even though my workshop is falling apart and seems to be making very limited progress at the moment. The first task the princes trust have giving me is to rewrite my business plan which give me time to reflect on what I've done over the past six months and what I hope to accomplish to get set up so I can begin working, as they feel that they could begin helping alot sooner than expected due the progress I've already but in to my business. I've already made a start on writing it out and hop to finish it for next Monday before my next meeting with the princes trust. I am staying positive at the moment but the longer it takes and setbacks are really starting to take it toll on me but with the support from family and certain friends I'm managing to just about hold it all together.