Monday, 16 December 2013

A quiet Christmas

I know its been a long time since I've done a blog update and I need to get back into the habit again. After a very busy November it seems to have quietened down this month but I can talk about some of the pieces I've been working on some of these haven't even made it on to the Facebook page yet. So here's your early bird special.

These ones you should recognize as they are on the facebook page and I believe that one of them is on the website too. But to those of you who only read my blog here are two sets of coat hooks mounted on to wood which I think is a lovely added touch.  

Here are my two recent commissions I've had this month, The main one being this huge cupcake stand which I must admit has been one of the biggest challenges I've done since I set myself up as a business. I know its not a great photo as I still have to get hold of some cupcakes to take some professional photos for the website and Facebook page but as you can see full of petals and flowing forms. I would say this is not normally my style of work but it came out very well and showed that I can take on anything!!  

Roses are always popular it seems no matter what time of year, which is good news for me, but its always even better when I know that the rose is being given to a someones partner as a gift. I do love making roses, especially the red painted ones. I've got a feeling I'll be making a lot of these over the next two months for valentines days where expect a big demand!       

Making jewellery has been a small pass time which I've started to become quite fond of. Here are a few of the ones I made recently and an idea of what is to come.  

This is one I'm very proud of and hope it will become very popular. I keep getting asked if I do smaller guitar hooks that could be done so more people could afford it and here it is, version one of the design and I want to get a guitar on it as soon as possible. This style guitar hook I'm pricing at £50. What do all think for the price? Consider the other two hooks are priced at £320 and £120 this one seems like a bargain!!