Sunday, 30 September 2012

A update well needed

First I'd like to say sorry for that lack of posts I've done and I felt its time to update everyone on the past couple of weeks.

First off my new power hammer is awesome!!! I went up to Didbrook to see it working and also to see how I'd get it back to Bristol. It will have to be dismantled in to three pieces so it can be brought back, which brings me to the second update. I'm still in the process of negotiating for a workshop space but I hope to have it all settled in the next week or so. Until I have a workshop space the power hammer will have to remain in Didbrook.

Another bit of news, I had to move all my stuff out of storage as it became to expensive so I found another place to store all my equipment until I had a workshop. The one catch was moving it all which wasn't much of a problem until it came to the fly press, last time I transported it, it took four people to get it in to the back of a car. So transporting it wasn't going to be easy, without the help we couldn't get the fly press could go in the car so I came up with the idea of using a sack truck to transport it around I have to admit it was alot easier said than done (I forgot how heavy it is) but long story short I ended up sack trucking it from the storage to my house which could have been the death of me.

I know its not alot of news but I have been working hard to get myself set up and its been alot slower than expected. I hope to be posting on my blog more often now.

Thanks for your patients  !..!,