Sunday, 2 December 2012

Finally in the workshop

After nearly four months of waiting today we finally got the Power hammer down to Bristol and in to my workshop. It was an early start today as we drove up to Didbrook with a large van to pick it all up. It was quite an experience but luckily we had alot of hands to help out, both friends and family. 

Dan the blacksmith helped us take it apart piece by piece so we'd remember how to but it back together again. Some areas I filmed on my phone as I was bound to forget (To much remember). After spending an hour taking apart and getting to all it to van we drove all the way back to Bristol and to my workshop where we had more hands waiting to help get it all off the van.

Now it's all in workshop I have the next step of trying to put it all back together and getting it to live again but that is for another day, we were all quite tired after hulling it on and off the van. I would like thank Dan for being so patience for waiting for us to pick it up from his workshop. Also thanking Darren and his dad, Chris, Simon and everyone else who lent a hand in moving the hammer.