Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Garden bracket development

In the past couple of days I've been working on a set of garden wall brackets for a customer. This allowed me to produce a common product in my own aesthetic style. After a day of designing I came up with alot of ideas and after tweeking one of the idea that the customer liked this is the finshed design.

I looked at other forged bracket and looked at differences in design and form, most brackets follow the structure pattern with scrolls connecting it all together to give them strength. Applying a similar aspact with the bars in the middle of this design this should strengthen the bracket and stop it from deforming over time with hanging weight.

 As you can see from this photo I have almost finished a complete bracket. I'm at the drilling stage and have to drill nine more holes and then I will be constructing it, once this is completed I will be discussing the finish with the customer. I suspect it will be painted black instead of iron paste but it should look good once its on the wall. Will update further tomorrow.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Late but.... Finished!!!

I've been meaning to update everyone on me and work but I've been so busy and then I took six days off  to go to download festival, which I have to say was GODLIKE!!! so I haven't really had the time.

But I'm here now and I'm typing away so here the update. Before I went away to download I was just finishing off the cupcake stand and got to the final rivet which connected the legs together and it snapped inside which deformed one of the legs! I therefore had to take it apart to fix the deformed leg and forge a new rivet. I then went away to download festival for six days which I enjoyed alot and as music being a major part of my life and a huge inspiration to my work therefore I came back with the creative juices flowing straight on to paper.

I took no time in getting back in to the workshop to finish the cupcake stand and get it to the customer in time for the show where it will be used. It came out a lot better than I thought it would.  

Since working on this stand my business has kicked off as I'm now completely busy this month with six different jobs to work on. I'll need a second pair of hands soon to get it all this done haha. The next job I'm working on is a set of garden wall brackets and I'll be putting up images of the design for it very soon, after that I have a BBQ to make and many more other interesting products. So keep your eyes on this blog over the next month to see what I'll get up too.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Back to the cupcakes.....

First update of this month... Let us begin. I started making a set of commissioned cupcake stands but had to put them on the back burner while I worked on some stainless steel window brackets, which I've complete now. I am now back working on the stands and I have to say..... They are one the most complicated things I've ever had to make!!! with each stand having 35 components, 44 drilled holes and 25 rivets... All for a product that only stand 15 inch tall and 12 inches wide... Killer!!

But anyway I've been working on it now for nearly a week and am now at the construction stage and as you can see from the photos its going well. I hope by the end of week to have one fully made and the second one nearly at construction. So will update again very soon.