Saturday, 29 November 2014

More work.... More updates

Hey all. Well I Said no promises for another quick post but at least I'm getting round to it in the end.
With Christmas round the corner I started to think about what I could make to sell at the market and these are what I came up with. These Small Christmas decorations good fab and can make a great little gift too and at only £4 each they're not expensive at all!!! 

I'm always designing new railing, gates and other products so that I have a wide range of images for my customers to look at, I've been thinking of making some small railings to be able to take with me to the market to show off my forging skills on products bigger that brackets, etc.

This was a drawing I did for customer which could be a perfect example to take to the market. I may have a few more ideas but I think this is the best one so far. It wouldn't get done until next year as I'm quite busy at the moment with other jobs but you'll all know in time what I decide to do. 

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Got work, done work and more work ahead.

Yeah yeah I know what you're going to say "Jon you haven't updated your blog in ages" and then I say "I know I'll try and fit it in" and here we are months later and lots to talk about. I've been very busy and have had about 8 jobs on the go this past month or so. I'll try and fill you all in with everything put this could take a few posts....

So..... Yeah..... Lots of jobs including my biggest on yet!! Balcony roof railings, 17 meters of them and filled up workshop very quickly as you can see. The longest section was seven meters long but went together perfectly and the installation went with out any major glitches. It's not fully complete as I've still got two more decorative elements to attach to and then paint it all went the weather settles down.    

I also had a few smaller jobs on the go while making the railing like a curtain rails and a wall sculpture. Both were great fun the make and great to add to my ever growing portfolio. Hopefully this will open more doors to more work.

My latest job I'm working is a gate and stair rail. Today I've just finished the main bulk of the gate and will completing the rest of it over the weekend. It may not be a tall gate but it's probably my favorite gate I've made so far. I'll be beginning on the stair rail very soon and will be posting updates as I go along.  

There still lots to tell but this will do for now. I'll try and post another one soon but no promises. fingers crossed I get round to it by the end of the weekend.
Thanks for reading.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Big jobs up high

I have been commissioned to make a Juliet and 12 meters worth of railings for a balcony roof. This is definitely the biggest job I've ever undertaken so far but I know I can do. The customer has asked for a hammered look with a basket design feature in the middle which really stands out as you can see from the photo.

 This is what the Juliet looks like at the moment, it's almost finished and then ready to be painted. After that I can get started on the on the huge amount of railing I have to complete. I'll be taking photos and updating on the blog as I go along. 


Friday, 8 August 2014

Snakes everywhere!

One small product that seems to be very popular at the moment is the forged snakes I make. Great as a little gift or as some customers have been doing is using them as a door stop, which works just as well. I find that they make great little demonstration pieces at shows as even the kids can get excited when they recognize the snakes form. Here are just a small range of snakes that I have made over the past few days and you can purchase them at any of market stalls or send me a message if you'd love one sooner :)

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Flower power

I wanted to show you all my new small candle holders, Flower shaped with leaved feet. I think they look pretty sweet and come in a pair. £45 for the pair, I'll be putting these on etsy and make to order too.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014


On the Saturday I was round the corner from my home in St Georges park at Redfest where I had a stall. The weather did have a wet patches but it held out pretty well. On the day I held a raffle for a rose and stand which is always popular product. I was very happy to hand it over to the winner and and new owner. 

 For those of you that still haven't seen my website please click on the link below

Saturday, 2 August 2014

I'm at Red fest today and the sun is out on full force now. For those who picked up a business card please take a look at my website.

Busy month

I must admit I'm a very bad Blogger as I leave it months at a time before up dating. I started going back to work at the beginning of July so I've had a a very solid month of playing catch up with all the commissions and market stalls!! I got back in to the swing of things pretty quickly which helped and started back on the commissions with some easier products like the roses and hearts.

Once I got back into it fully there was no stopping me! I also got asked if I would like to come and preform demonstrations and a steam and vintage working show in Highbridge which of course I agreed too. I started buying in more equipment like a mini anvil and a portable forge. I also made a stand for a leg vice that I was given from a friend in France.  

On the 26th of July I was in Highbridge with all my main kit in hand and the weather being the hottest ever!!! and I'm stood out in it with my forge going. It was very thirsty work but so much fun. it was such a positive vibe form every one and they all enjoyed watching me work. I made paper knives, large door handles and little snakes (which proved popular with the kids). All in all it was a fantastic weekend.


Monday, 23 June 2014

Recovery mode

Hi people
I know its been a while but just wanted to let everyone know that I hadn't just disappeared over this past month. Back in may I I had an appendicitis and have not been working since. I have been recovering well and will start to ease myself back into work over the next week, once I've gotten over this cold as well which has hit me. By mid-July I hope to be back in to the swing of things again and you'll all be getting regular posts once more
Thank you to all the customers that have been patient with me while I've been recovering and I will get back to you all asap
Many thanks to you all :)

Monday, 7 April 2014

Back to work again.

Work started to go a little quiet so I went out in search of some, This took me to the Blue Room in Nailsea. Where I met up with Sharon who runs it and we discussed about the possibility of having some of my work in the shop to sell. After a very informative chat and a few emails I've sent off the required forms and starting making some of the products that will go on view and sale in the shop.

I spent today making these candle holders (The black one being the sample one) and I have a small list of other products I need to make which I'll be getting on with throughout the week and I'll share them as I go along.

I thought I'd share this picture to as this is how I dry my oil finished hooks..... Just leaving them hanging about in the garden..... As you do. 

Monday, 31 March 2014

On going stuff

Since the last market stall I've been fairly busy with work making door knockers, book marks, handles and hearts. As we draw this month to a close I'm just finishing off my last job of the month.
A set of five fancy coat hooks. I haven't made these types of hooks for quite some time now and it was kind of a refresher for me. I broken the back of this job and only have a few more steps to finish them off. They've already come out better than I expected them too and I look forward to sharing the finished result with you all.  

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Market stall, round 2

I was back again for a second round at the harbour side market, bigger and better then ever filling up two tables worth of amazing quality ironwork. I love talking to new people about my work and sharing my passion for the craft with everyone who took interest. My sign bracket also made its first viewing too and hit off really well gaining lots of interest. I was extremely pleased with how it all went this time and look forward to doing it all again for a third round next month.   

Friday, 21 March 2014

New sign bracket

I have finished the paint job on the bracket now and here is the finished photo. It will go on display at my stall this Sunday at the harbour side market before I put it on the wall of my workshop.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Traditional sign making

I don't normally do traditional for but for this I went all out. To try and bring in some business I started looking at forged sign brackets, thinking of other markets I could appeal to. So I set out to design my own one for my business, I was thinking of designing it in my own aesthetics but as I already had a wall bracket like that I wanted something that stood out from everything else I'd made before.
Here it is in pieces before I riveted it together and made the anvil sign as you can see It's very different to what I normally do.

Here it is fully built, there were a few areas that proved difficult with drilling and riveting but it came together in the end and the anvil looks fantastic!!! 

I've started putting on the first coat of paint and and will give you a final update and photo when the painting is complete.


Tuesday, 25 February 2014

First Market Stall

Last Sunday was my very first Market stall at the Harbourside market in the Bristol Center. After a week of non-stop forging and preparation for this stall, I was very pleased with the layout and how it all went. I also learnt a lot and have some new ideas for the next one. I intend to always have something new at each stall I do so that there is always something fresh to look at. And a huge thanks to all for their help and support.

To those who still haven't checked out my website please take a look for a load more images of my work.    

Sunday, 23 February 2014

For those Who picked up a business card at the market stall today please take a look at my website and Facebook page.


Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Preparing for my first market stall.

This Sunday ( February 23rd ) I will be running my very first stall at the Harbourside Market here in Bristol. So I'm spending this week making as much stock as I can in preparation for it, this has been a good opportunity to try and make new products I've never done before like curtain tie backs, Latches, etc. These are just some of the products that I will be selling at the stall this Sunday, It's between 9am and 4pm so please come on down and show your support for the local Bristol Blacksmith.