Saturday, 26 September 2015

Forged frames

I got thinking a lot about my roots of developing an idea like I did at college. When developing my forged guitar hooks I was developing on the idea of the hooks becoming the frame of the guitar. I saw the guitar like a painting people spend thousands of pounds of guitars like paintings, and when you spend thousands of pounds on a painting you're not going to hang it on a wall in a frame you bought form B&Q or Ikea!?! NO!!!! You're going to hang it up in frame that draws you in to the painting. I feel the same with a guitars and the hooks they hang from. People but thousands of pounds worth of guitars on £15 plastic hooks so that's why I designed and made hand forged guitar hooks.

Now I took a step back the frames idea and started to design picture/photo frames and these are just some of the results.

What do you all think???

12" X 12" canvas frame

Collaboration between me and Lissie's poems.

Detail of frame

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